Arsene Wenger discusses Granit Xhaka’s defensive capabilities

Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger has given his opinion on the future of Granit xhaka, the German striker who has already scored a lot of goals for the Gunners.

The Gunners have already started to lose points, but they are still in the top four. The team is in a difficult position, but Wenger believes that the players will soon get used to the situation.
The Frenchman thinks that the team has a good chance of getting into the Champions League zone, which is why he is confident that the Gunner will be able to prove himself.
“We’ll see whether the players can play with the leaders,” said Wenger. “They are the best players in the world, but if they don’t have the confidence to play with each other, then it’s not going to work.”
The German striker has already managed to score a lot, which has already impressed the fans. The Gunners are now in the middle of the standings, which means that they have a good opportunity to get into the top 4.
Wenger has already mentioned that the main goal for the team is to qualify for the Champions league, but he also wants to win the FA Cup. He believes that this will be possible, because the Gunters will be ready to fight for the trophy.
In the near future, it will be very interesting to watch the livescore results of the games of the Gun. They will definitely be interesting to follow, because there are a lot more interesting things happening in the team.
You can always follow the results of Arsenal matches on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find only verified information from the world of the best clubs.
Fans can follow the livescores of the matches of the team on the website of sports statistics. Here they will find not only the results, but also the schedule of upcoming matches.
Arsenal’ Current Position in the English Premier League
The team of Wenger has already started the new season, and they are in the third position of the English championship. This is a good result for the club, because they are not in the Champions Cup zone yet.
However, the Gun club is not in a bad shape, because it is not far from the top of the championship. The main goal of the club is to get to the Champions’ League zone.
This season, the team of Arsene has a lot to prove, because its main competitors are Manchester City and Liverpool. The Citizens have a lot at stake, because this year they will be fighting for the title.
Liverpool is in the first position, and the Reds have a very good chance to win it. The Merseysiders are the only team that can defeat the Citizens in the EPL.
Manchester City is in second place, but it is far from being safe. The Blues have a serious task on their hands, because their rivals are also in the fight for gold medals.
If the Citizens can’ t win the title, then they will have to play in the Europa League, which will be a real problem for them.
It is very important for the Citizens to win gold medals, because if they lose it, then the club will be in a real crisis.
On the sports statistic website, you can always find the results and schedule of matches of all the clubs of the EFL Championship. Here you will also find the information about the current position of each team in the standings.
Latest Results of Arsenal Matches
The season of the Premier League is coming to its end, and it is very interesting for fans. There are a number of interesting events that will happen during the course of the tournament.
One of them is the final match of the season, which promises to be very dramatic. The first matches of this season have already shown that the Citizens are not going away from the fight.
They have a real chance to get the title this year, because Liverpool is not going anywhere. The Reds are a strong team, and if they play in a tournament against the Citizens, then there is a real possibility that the Merseysides will win.
Another interesting match is the match between Manchester United and Tottenham. The Red Devils have a great chance to break the Spurs’ hegemony in the Premier league.
Both teams have a chance to qualify to the next stage of the competition. The Spurs have a better chance, because in the current season, they have not been able to win any trophy. However, this season, Mourinho’ s team has everything it needs to win. They have a really good lineup, and a lot can change in the next few matches. Fans can follow their livescoring results on the site of sports statistical. Here only verified data is presented. is a reliable resource that provides the latest information from a wide variety of sports competitions. The website of is a place where you can find only the verified information.
Here, you’d find the schedule, the results or the liveschedule of all matches. You can also find out the information of the teams and players.
Live Results of the Arsenal Matched
The current season of English Premier league is already ending, and there are still a lot interesting matches ahead.

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