Conte: Costa’s angry outburst wasn’t right

By Football Italia staff
| 1st November 2018

It is now clear that the situation with Diego Costa is out of control. The striker is clearly unhappy with the situation and has become quite confrontational with the club’s management.
The situation is now so bad that the player has even threatened to leave the club.
This is not the first time that Costa has been in such a situation. The previous season, he was forced to leave for a place in the Spanish La Liga.
However, this time the situation is even more serious. The situation is so bad, that Costa even threatened not to play for the club any more.
It has now become clear that it will be very difficult for the player to find a new club. The player has already stated that he will not play for Atletico.

The player is now quite focused on his personal career, as well as on the future of the club, which he loves so much.
He is not in the best of moods, but he is still the main star of the team.
In the future, we can expect to see a lot of confrontations between the players of the main team and the players from other teams.
At the moment, the situation in the squad is quite tense. The players are not in a good mood, which is why the situation has escalated.
Despite the fact that the club has already lost a lot, the fans are not happy with the current situation.
They are demanding the resignation of the head coach, who has failed to achieve any results.
Fans are also demanding a transfer of a new star to the team, who is able to solve the problems of the current squad.
If the situation continues to deteriorate, then the situation will only get worse.
All the latest news about the Serie A
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For example, the following teams are in the top-5 of the standings at the moment:
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And, of course, the team that has the most points in the standings, is Inter.
Juventus is the most successful team in the Italian Championship, as it has won the most trophies.
Among the trophies won by Juventus, the most famous are:
1. Champions League.
2. Serie A.
3. Coppa Italia.
4. Supercoppa Italiana.
5. Intercontinental Cup.
Of course, it is impossible to list all the trophies that the team has won, as these are not the only ones.
As for the most prestigious club tournament, it has to be mentioned Milan.
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Now, the club is in the Champions League, which will allow it to continue to be one of the most popular clubs in the world.
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News on the Champions league
The Champions League is the main football tournament of the year, as there are always a lot more interesting matches to watch.
One of the best teams of the tournament is Real Madrid.
Since the start of the season, the Royal Club has been one of leaders of the Champions.
Recently, the Madrid team has been quite unstable, which has caused a lot to fans.
Real Madrid has a good squad, and the main stars of the Royal club are: Cristiano Ronaldo, Ramos, Bale, Lewandowski, Ramos.
Also, the main goal of the Madrid club is to win the Champions trophy.
Many experts believe that Real Madrid will be able to win it, as its main goal is to be in the final stage of the competition.
Another team that is quite capable of winning the Champions is Manchester City.
After the defeat to Liverpool, the Citizens have a good chance of winning it.
City has a strong lineup, and many of the players are able to show their maximum.
Other teams in the fight for the Champions are: Barcelona, Juventus, and Liverpool.
These teams are quite capable to win, but the Citizens are a little stronger than the others.
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