How Tottenham can finish second in the Premier League

The start of the season of the English Premier League has been really interesting for fans of the championship. The main contender for the title is Tottenham, who has already managed to win the first three rounds. However, the team is not yet at 100% and it still has a long way to go.

The main goal of the Spurs is to finish in the top-4 and, most importantly, to do it in the best possible way. However it is not easy to achieve this goal, especially in the current season, because of the following factors:
1. The Tottenham’s lineup is not very balanced. The team is still not balanced enough and the main striker is still missing.
2. The Spurs’ defense is not that strong.
3. The club has a lot of problems with the transfer market.
4. The clubs’ rivals are not so strong. This is a big problem for the Spurs, who are not able to compete with the leaders of the EPL.
The Spurs have a good chance to finish second, because they have a really good squad and they have already managed not to lose points in the first rounds.
Tottenham’sthe main goal is to win at least one trophy. The current season has already shown that the team can do this.
Will the Spurs be able to win in the long run?
The Tottenhamďż˝ has a good lineup, which can be the key to its success in the future. The coach has already showed that he is able to make changes in the lineup and make the team more balanced.
However, the Spurs have to be really confident to win trophies, because the main rivals of the team are not the best. The following clubs can be considered as the main contenders for the champion title:
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
* Liverpool.
In the current campaign, the main problem of the Tottenham is the lack of motivation. The players are not ready to fight for the gold medals. The fans can see this on the field, because a lot has been lost already in the early rounds. The last time the Spurs lost the title was in 1990, when they were defeated by Manchester United.
If the Spurs finish second and win the Champions League, it will be a real turning point in the club’scard of the past 20 years.
Main EPL results of the last season
The current season of English Premier league is not going well for the teams. Manchester United is the main favorite of the tournament, because it has the best lineup and the best players. The Red Devils have a great lineup, in which the main stars are Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.
Also, the club has an excellent coach, who is able not only to motivate the players, but also to make the most of the situation. Jose Mourinho is a good example of this. He has managed to get the best results in the Epl, despite the fact that he has not been the coach of the club for a long time.
At the same time, the Red Devils are not in the Champions league, so they have to fight against the teams from the lower divisions. The Epl results of Manchester United are not very good, and the fans can expect a lot from the team.
Who will win the title this season?
It is very difficult to predict the winner of the champion league, because there are so many factors that can affect the final result.
First of all, the Eredivisie is not the strongest league in the Netherlands. The Ajax is the most popular club in the country, because its players are very good and they are able to score a lot.
Another important factor is the transfer ban. The ban is imposed by the Dutch government, because some of the Ajax players have already been involved in the scandal.
This ban has a negative effect on the team, because now the players are unable to buy new players. This will have a big impact on the results of Ajax, because many of its players have become the main favorites of the Dutch championship.
It will be very difficult for the team to win gold medals this year, because Mourinho’sshould not allow his players to buy expensive players.
How will the team’spick up?
There are many reasons for the Ajax’slack, but the main one is the fact the team has not started well. The first rounds have been really bad for the club, because not a single point was scored.
Many of the players have not been in the team for a year, and this can be another reason for the lacklustre results.
But the main reason for this is the bad transfer ban, which has a serious impact on many players. Also, the coach is not in a good shape, because he has just been appointed.
After the ban, the Ajax will not be able buy expensive football players, which is another reason of the lack in results. The Dutch media is saying that the players will not have the opportunity to buy the best football players. It is possible that the ban will not end until the end of the current championship. This means that many of the leaders will not get a chance to show their best game, which will have an impact on their results.

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