Juventus vs. Monaco 03.02.2017: Predictions for the match

The start of the season of the Champions League has already shown that the battle for the title is not going to be easy. The teams are already close to the final rounds, and it is now very difficult to predict the outcome of the matches. The first matches of the new season of La Liga have already shown the results of the teams, and the struggle for the champion title is very active.
The main contenders for the victory in the domestic championship are:
* Juventus;
* Inter;
* Napoli.
All the teams have a good chance to win the title, but the main contenders are clearly Juventus and Inter. The Bianco Neri has already won the Champions Cup, and now the team is ready to fight for the trophy. The team of Allegri has already started to play well, and this is a good sign for the future. The Inter team is also very strong, but it is clear that the team needs to improve its results in order to be able to fight against the main favorites of the championship.

The first matches have already showed that the match between Juventus and Monaco is going to become one of the most interesting confrontations of the tournament. The match is scheduled for the weekend of the 28th and 29th of February, and we will see whether the teams will be able not only to fight in the Champions league, but also in the Europa League.
In the recent season, the teams of Allegre have shown a good game, and they have already managed to win a number of matches. This is a great sign for their future, because the team has a lot of potential, and if it will be strengthened, then the team will be one of main favorites in the championship of Europe.
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Predictions for Juventus vs. Monaco
The team of Juventus has already showed a good result in the season, and in the first matches it was obvious that the season was not going well for the team. However, in the last matches the team of Turco has shown a very good game.
Juventus is a team that can be called a “can’t miss”. The club has a long list of stars that can decide the fate of the match. The main stars of the team are:;
• Paulo Dybala;
“Dybala” is the main striker of the club, and he is able to score a lot, and also to make a number off the opponents. The Brazilian player has already scored a number in the match against Napoli, and after that he was able to show a good performance.
The defense of the Juventus is also good, and so is the goalkeeper of the squad, who has already saved a number from the opponents in the matches against Napoleons and Manchester United.
However, the main star of the Turco is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player is able not to miss a single opportunity, and his skills are obvious. The player is also able to make the team win a lot in the confrontations with other teams.
It is now clear that Juventus is a very strong team, and its main star is able, together with his partners, to decide the outcome not only of the confrontation with other clubs, but even of the fight for a place in the top-4 of the European championships.
Monaco’s Prospects in the Season
The club of Monaco has recently been in the middle of the standings, and as a result, it is very difficult for the club to get into the Champions’ League zone. The new season is very important for the players of the Royal Club, because they need to win in the French championship, and then they will be in a position to get to the Champions’ League zone, where they will have a chance to fight with the teams from the top 4.
Despite the fact that the club of the Prince of Monaco is in the lower part of the league table, it has a good opportunity to get in the European zone. However the main goal of the players is to get a place at the Champions-League zone, and for this they need a good start in the new campaign.
This is why the team’ s performance in the current season is really important for them. The Royal Club is not in the best shape, and there are still some problems with the defense, but in the team there are also players who are able to help the team to win.
For example, the goalkeeper, who is able in the club’ ’s games to save a number, and who is very useful for the defense. The goalkeeper is also capable of making a number for the attackers, and these are the main advantages of the player.
Thus, the team can fight for places in the elite division of the French league, and at the same time, it can also get into a higher division of European championships, where it will have the chance to get the place in a higher group.
At the moment, the Royal club is in a very difficult position, and all the players are trying to get out of it.

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