Lukaku or Morata: Who will be the best striker in 2017/18?

It’s now much easier to follow the progress of the new season of the English Premier League. The competition for places is intense, and the teams have already managed to win the title.
The main question of the season is whether Manchester City will be able to defend the title or whether the Citizens will have to fight for it.
Lukáš’ decision to leave the club is the main reason for the failure of the Citizens. The previous summer, the club was able to buy a lot of players, but they didn’t manage to win a place in the Champions League zone.
This summer, Manchester City managed to strengthen the squad, but the main goal is to win gold medals in the Premier League and the Champions Cup.
So, who will be their main striker in the new year?
The answer to this question is very simple. It’ll be the young and talented Lukaku. The Belgian is a player who has already managed the main goals of the club.
In the last season, the Citizens managed to finish in the top 4 of the Premier league. They were able to do this thanks to the following factors:
1. Good selection of players. The Citizens have a good number of attacking players, which allows them to play in the attack and not in the defense.
2. Good teamwork. The team plays well together, which is very important for winning matches.
3. Good individual skills of the leaders.
It is clear that the Citizens are not going to lose points, so they will try to achieve the best result in the matches. The main striker of the team is the young Belgian, who managed to score more than 30 goals in a season.

The following factors are the main reasons for the success of the young team:
* good selection of attacking lineups;
* excellent teamwork;

* individual skills.
Now, the main task of the main striker is to score goals, because the team has a lot to play for.
You can always follow the development of the game of the Manchester City in the official website of the sports statistics. Here, you can find the information about the results of matches of the teams of the top-4 of the EPL, as well as about the transfers of the clubs in the English Championship.
What is the best place of the City in England?
In recent years, the City has managed to get to the top four of the premier league. The club has a good selection and the team plays in the attacking line.
However, the team doesn’ t have a great number of goalscores. In the last seasons, the score of the matches of Manchester City was:
• 5 wins;
• 4 draws;
· 3 losses.
If you look at the table of the results, you’d see that the team was able not to finish the season in the first position of the championship. The reasons for this are:
· poor teamwork; and
· a lack of individual skills in the leaders of the squad.
At the moment, the squad of the Guardiola’ s team is very young, so it needs time to develop its game.
Will the team of Josep Guardiola be able not only to finish at the first place of EPL table, but also to get into the Champions league zone?
It will be very difficult for the team to get there, because it has a very difficult schedule. The City will have the following matches:
● Liverpool;
● Tottenham;
● Chelsea;
• Arsenal;
It’s now much more convenient to follow all the results on the website of sports statistics, because here you can always find the latest information about matches of top-3 of the league.
All the latest news about the English championship
The season of English Premier league is over, but it’ has left its mark on the livescores of fans. The latest results of the games of the strongest teams of this championship are available on the sports data website.
Here, you will find the results not only of the best teams, but about the clubs of the lower divisions of the country.
Liverpool was the main favorite of the tournament, and it managed to reach the final. The Reds were able not just to get a place at the top of the standings, but to win it. The following factors allowed the team:
1) Good selection. The Liverpool squad has a number of players who can play in different lines.
1a) Liverpool has a great depth of the line. The line is very good, so the team can play almost in every position.
b) The line of the Reds is very strong, because many players have already played in the national team.
c) The team is able to rotate its lineup, which makes it possible to play against weaker opponents.
d) Good teamwork between the players of the lineup.
e) Individual skills of players of each line.
2) Good individual game of leaders. The players of Liverpool have a lot in common, which allowed them to achieve a good result in matches.

In this season, Liverpool was able also to play at the European arena. The squad of Jurgen Klopp managed to achieve this thanks not only the good selection, but a good teamwork.

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