Why Bastian Schweinsteiger will not be out of place at MLS giants Chicago Fire

Bastian Schweinsilber has already become a main star of the German national team. He is the main striker of the team, who scored a record number of goals in the national championship.
In the current season, the young German is already a key player of the main German club, which is why he is considered one of the best strikers of the world.
However, the club has not yet managed to win the Champions League. In the current campaign, the team was quite close to it, but the final victory of the club was only possible thanks to the help of the Swiss player.
The main goal of the Fire is to win a place in the Champions Cup zone. This will allow the team to get a ticket to the next stage of the tournament. In this zone, the clubs are divided into groups, where the winner of each group will play for the right to enter the next group.

The Fire have already played in the group stage of this tournament, so they will have to do their best to get into the next zone. The team is now in the top-4 of the standings, which makes it possible to enter this group. The next step is to enter a group where the team will play against the teams from the lower part of the table.
This is the group in which the Fire will have a chance to enter. This is the most difficult group in the tournament, because the teams have a lot of experience in the international arena.
Bundesliga table: the team is in a good shape
The team is quite close in the standings to the leaders, but it is not yet in a position to challenge them. The main goal for the team this season is to get to the Champions’ League zone. In such a tournament, the teams are divided in two groups. The winners of each of the groups will play in the next round.
It is the Fire that has the most experience in this tournament. The club has already played there, and it was the team that won the first place in this zone.
Now, the Fire have a good chance to get in the first group. In addition, the players have already won the German championship. This allows them to play in a high-quality tournament.
Also, the coach of the squad is quite experienced in this group, so he will not make mistakes in the matches with the main competitors.
You can always follow the development of events in the Bundesliga table on the sports statistics website. Here, you can find the latest information about the teams, the positions of the leaders in the table, and much more.
Key moments of the season in the German Bundesliga
In this season, there were quite a lot events in Germany’s top-flight. The key moments of this season were the following:
1. The failure of Bayern Munich. The Munich team was in a crisis for a long time, but this year it was quite obvious that it was not able to compete with the leaders of the Bundesliga.
2. The failures of Borussia Dortmund and Schalke. The clubs were in a similar situation, but they managed to get out of it.
3. The success of Boro and Hamburg. The teams managed to reach the Champions’ League zone and even managed to enter it. However, they lost to the main favorites of the competition.
4. The unsuccessful season of Bor. The previous year, the fans were quite happy with the team. However this time, the situation was not so good.
5. The rise of Bayern. The Bavarians managed to become the leaders again, and they are now in a really good shape.
All these events have a positive impact on the German football championship, because now it is possible to follow the key moments and other interesting events.
Current form of the Manchester City
The current season of the English Premier League is quite interesting. The City of Manchester is in the lead of the championship, and the team has already managed to achieve a lot.
Of course, the main goal is to become a champion of England, but there are other ambitions that the team also has. For example, it wants to win gold medals at the international level.
At the moment, the City of London is quite far from the leaders. However the team still has a chance, because it has a good lineup and the right players.
One of the most important players of the City is the goalkeeper, which allows the team not to lose points. However it is also important to have a strong defense, because this is the key to the success of the whole team.
If the team manages to achieve these goals, then it will be a real success for the club.
Manchester City’ current form
The City of the capital of England has a very good lineup. The players of this team have already managed not only to get the champion title, but also to win several other trophies.
Among the most successful players of Manchester City are:
* Pablo Zabaleta;
* Sergio Aguero;
* David Silva.
Each of them has already won a lot, and this is an indicator that the City will not give up.
Zabaleta is one of those players who is not only a goalkeeper, but he is also a midfielder. This makes him a real star of this club.

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