Odds to become a client Cristiano Ronaldo in 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most sought-after football players in the world. The Portuguese is one the main players of the La Liga and the Champions League. He is the best player of the Old Continent and is considered as the best football player of all time.
In the last season of the Champions, the Portuguese scored a record-breaking number of goals. He scored 13 goals in the Champions. He also managed to score in the final match of the season.
The statistics of the number of shots and corners of Cristiano are really impressive. The player scored a total of 5 goals in corners and 3 goals in shots.
This season, the player will try to get more goals and will try not to miss the Champions Cup. The main goal of the Portuguese is to win the Champions title.

The player is the most expensive player in the history of the Premier League. The cost of the player is about $80 million. The club can buy him for about $70 million.
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Consequences of Ronaldo’s departure
The departure of Cristian is a real blow to the club. The team has been in a crisis for several years. The previous season, it lost the Champions trophy. The following season, they lost the Europa League.
However, the team has managed to get out of the crisis and has a good chance to win gold medals again. The players are motivated and are ready to do their best.
It is also important to note that the club has a lot of young players who will help the team in the future.
Main reasons for the club’s success
The main reasons for Cristiano’s departure are:
1. Lack of motivation.
2. Lack the desire to win trophies.
3. Lack a good coach.
4. Lack experience.
5. Lack good players.
6. Lack financial resources.
7. Lack time.
You should not forget that the team is in a serious crisis and is not able to play in the Europa league.
Lack of motivation
The team has a long list of players who are ready and willing to play for the team. However, the players have not been motivated enough to play.
Many of them have left the team for various reasons. The most important reason is the lack of motivation of the players. They are not ready to play at the highest level.
Another reason for the lack motivation of players is the fact that the players are not getting enough playing time. This is especially true for the young players. Many of them are still learning the game and have not yet been given enough playing opportunities.
If the team does not have a good motivation, it will not be able to perform at its best. The lack of a good coaching experience is another important reason for failure.
Teamโ€™s chances of winning the Champions
The club has good players, good coaching and a good management. However the main problem is the motivation of its players. The current season is not the best for the players and they have not shown their best game yet.
They are not playing in the best teams of Europe. This causes problems for the fans. The fans want to see the team play in a higher league and will not forgive the team if it does not win the gold medals.
At the moment, the club is in serious crisis. It is obvious that the situation will not improve in the near future. The situation of the team will only worsen if it continues to play without a good motivator.
There is a good possibility that the Portuguese will leave the club in the next season. The transfer ban will be lifted and the club will be able not to buy players. This will allow the club to buy the players who it needs.
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