What does losing mean for Hazard?

The Belgian is one of the main players in the EPL. He is a true leader in the team, who can decide the fate of the game in a split second.
The last time the team lost was in the Champions League. The team was defeated by Liverpool in the first round. The Reds were the main favorites in the tournament, but the team was not able to show its full potential.
In the second round, the team managed to equalize the score, but it was not enough to win. The game ended with a score of 2:1.

The team was in a good shape, but there were some problems with the lineup. The main problem was the injury of the goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois. He was forced to miss the match against Liverpool.
However, the Belgian did not let the team’s problems affect the game. He played well and managed to score a goal in the last minute.
Losing to Chelsea was another failure of the team. The Blues were the favorites of the tournament and were ready to fight until the last second. However, Hazard was not at his best.
He was injured during the game, and the team had to play without him. The Belgian was able to score only in the second half.
It is important to note that the team won the match, but not in the way it wanted. The players were tired and did not have enough energy to play until the very last minute of the match.
What does it mean for the team?
The players were not in a state of mind to fight for the victory. They were in a hurry to get to the next round. This is why they lost.
This is Hazard’ best chance to win the EFL Cup. The player is in great shape, and he has already managed to win several trophies.
Chelsea is a strong team, and it can defeat any opponent. However this is not the main goal of the Blues. They want to win gold medals in the Premier League.
Hazard is a great player, and his skills can be used to the maximum. The club is in a great shape and is ready to compete against the best. However the player himself is not in his best condition.
So far, the Blues have not been able to win any trophy, but they are still in the top 4. The EPL is a tough league, and Chelsea has the chance to fight against the main contenders.
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Will the team of Josep Guardiola be able to compete with the main competitors of the English championship?
This season, the main rivals of the Spanish team are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea.
Of course, the first three clubs are the main ones in the championship, but Guardiola’ squad has a lot of potential. The Spanish coach has managed to arrange a good lineup for the upcoming matches.
Moreover, the players of the club are in a very good shape. This allows them to play in the most prestigious tournament of the Old World.
Guardiola’ team is a team of young players, who have already managed not to lose any points. This will allow them to fight with the best teams of the world.
At the moment, the club is at the top of the standings.

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